Night’s Black Agents – Dracula Dossier [Prelude]

I played the first session of our Dracula Dossier this weekend. I will likely post a short actual play recap to outline what occurred. I am very much looking forward to this game.

Last week we met and built characters and discussed our campaign.

Our cast includes:

  • Svetlana – Played by Lesley – Russian Special Forces Medic
  • Beryl – Played by Tina – British MI6 Infiltration Specialist
  • Kurt – Played by myself – German Expatriate, Former Stasi Bagman (If you want to read more about Kurt, let me tell you more about my character)

dracula_unredacted_front_cover_350I also wanted to share a Google Sheet’s Character Sheet I built for NBA. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find and Spreadsheet Character Sheet, so I built my own. I now release it for the world to enjoy.

In preparation for our game, our GM directed us to an blog post from a Night’s Black Agents GM called A Fight Gone Wrong. In short, it suggests that Gumshoe games are secretly a diceless RPG. Essentially any action worth taking with General Abilities is worth spending enough points to automatically succeed. While I’ve played and run several Gumshoe games over the years, I must admit that this altered the way I look at this system.

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