Dracula Dossier – Session 1 – The Harker Intrusion


We played our first Dracula Dossier game this past weekend. If you want to take a look at what characters we made and some of our campaign discussion, check out my previous post.

For the purposes of our first scenario, we assumed that our spy team has already established our trust and network, the details of which we will finalize as we play.

We started by doing some establishing questions, giving our GM more fodder for future tie-ins.

Our tentative connections include:

  • Svetlana and Kurt have a connection through some failed Syrian operations.
  • Kurt was a Stasi agent in Western Germany when Beryl’s parents were working for MI6 as a husband and wife team, some previous connection or favors pulled Kurt and Beryl together after she was burned.

Additionally, we learned about Kurt’s relationship with his Ex-Wife and his former Stasi compatriots.

When was the last time your Ex-Wife contacted you for a favor? 

Kurt was contacted by Ariana in 2010 before the conflict in Syria “officially” started. She asked him to create papers for some Syrian nationals who needed to get into the EU through Greece.

Are any of your former Stasi compatriots still active agents for powers in Europe?

Some of them were folded into the unified BND, however, are limited to analysis. Kurt assumes some of his other field agents also fled or defected to other countries. Sometime in the last few years, in Kurt’s ongoing search for Kava, Kurt came across one of his former associates. Details of this encounter to be defined in the future.

WARNING: The following contains at least partial spoilers for The Harker Intrusion from The Edom Files

Our session starts with our team receiving a cryptic email from an alias of ‘Harker’. At first glance looks like gibberish, however, upon examination, lists a number of details that lead us to believe that the author has pieces of the ongoing puzzle about Syrian medical shipments, Veronese black market shipments, and mysteriously missing manuscripts.

Harker has an asset, Olivia Liu – Investigative Journalist, which is currently in Marrakesh, Morocco. He expects hostile agents attempting to abduct her, and she needs to be extracted ASAP.

340c3793876582c0c0edce47620b2eb2After we assemble a contraband care package to ourselves, we land in Marrakesh. Talking to the local authorities in one of our covers gets us access to a police report that indicates that Olivia is staying at the Riad Rouge Hostel.

As we approach the hostel, we note that the front is being monitored by local street toughs with dirt bikes. Down the street is a British man at a cafe that is very out of places, and appears to be talking into an earpiece.

Beryl moves to infiltrate the hotel, Svetlana goes to engage the street toughs, and Kurt moves down the street to monitor the Brit at the cafe.

The toughs get into Svetlana’s face and attempt to bypass her to go after Beryl into the Hotel. Svetlana gets on one of their bikes and pretends to be a lost tourist looking for a bicycle tour and distracts the toughs long enough for Beryl. Kurt warns Beryl that he has hostiles inbound. On the inside of the hostel, Beryl distracts the attendant long enough to learn the room number and dashes to the room. Due to his proximity to the agent at the cafe, Kurt taps into their communications line and relays information to his comrades.

Beryl, bursts into Olivia’s room, just in time to see an enemy combatant crawl in through the window. Beryl rushes into the room and serves the second story man several vicious unarmed attacks. The toughs abandon Svetlana, who takes one of their bikes, drive around to the side of the hostel, parkour up the side of the wall of the wall and busts through the window into Olivia’s room. The second story man in the room retaliates, attacking Beryl, but Svetlana and Beryl swiftly dispatch the infiltrator. Svetlana shoves the bed in front of the door to prevent the toughs from rushing into the room. The two of them quickly toss the room.

Back at the cafe, Kurt calmly sits down at the Brits table. The Brit, named Hartness, instantly realizes that Kurt is the cause of his team’s distress. They talk quite calmly about Olivia, and he reveals that he was stationed at Gibraltar station when he was sent to Morocco to pick up Olivia for someone within MI-6. Watching the hostel and collecting Olivia’s materials from it were a formality at this point, another ops team is close to intercepting here elsewhere in Marrakesh. Kurt wishes the agent a good afternoon and leaves a card with a phone number on it.

The room contained:

  • Receipts from Romania
  • The impression of the name “Hassan Sophiet” followed by a phone number on the hotel note pad. Hassan is identified as a local fixer with the ability to get people into Europe.
  • A file with redacted documents, which include satellite photos of a mining / digging operation.
  • Notes on Romanian folklore, vampires, and mythology.

Within information from the hostel, it’s clear that Olivia is in transit to Hassan. On their stolen dirt bikes, the team advances quickly to intercept Olivia before the opposing ops team. Having tapped into Hartness’ electronic communications, Kurt zeroes in on the other operatives, which are weaving a net around Olivia as she travels to Hassan.

Kurt, using their communications network, disrupts their coordination providing false orders and misinformation. While doing so, Svetlana expertly carves a path for us through the Marrakesh traffic, closing the distance to Olivia’s position, and outpacing the opposing ops team. Within striking distance of Olivia, Beryl jumps off her bike and rushes on foot to snatch our target before the opposition. Meanwhile, Svetlana ditches our bikes, grabs a car large enough to serve as our getaway ride. Beryl reaches Olivia moments before the opposition close the distance, just as Svetlana screeches to a halt alongside our target; Beryl grabs Olivia and flings her into the waiting back seat as our wheel-woman peals out for our escape.

After some reassurance to Olivia, in which we relate our experience and cryptic email from Harker, Olivia lets us know what has been going on. She works as an investigative journalist, focusing on rooting out corruption. Harker had been in contact with her previously, providing accurate intel along with silly nonsense about vampires. The most recent intel provided was concerning a Romanian mining, owned by a series of shell corporations, had set up “exploratory” digging operation in the Carpathian mountains. While investigating the mining operation locally, she was discovered, threatened and fled the country. However, whoever is backing this mining operation is well connected, as she became wanted in Italy and was the target of an off the books MI6 operation in Morocco.

Olivia provides our team with all the intel she has about the mining operation and about Harker. Using her previous connection, and our initial contact, Beryl is able to trace a message back to Harker, allowing us to send him messages as well. Harker asks us to investigate the dig site in Romania, afterward, he promises to reveal all.

537e3c8ecfce70a1bb8e24a3b7d08e01Our journey to Romania is uneventful. Some quick research on the way reveals that the site is located next to a Cistercian monastery from the 11th century, and has been out of use since it’s dissolution in the 13th century. We are strapped for time, and thus decide to source any of our needed gear locally. After landing in Bucharest, Kurt makes contact with a man called Gent, a former contact with the Albanian Mob. We acquire guns, night goggles, some survival gear, and a 90’s land rover for us to drive to the dig site.

The location of the dig is remote, and we quickly leave the main roads in favor of seldom-used dirt paths. Arriving during the night at the site we pull off of the dirt road one klick out, camouflage our SUV, and hike to surveillance point of the mining site.

The work crews for the dig appear to have been working around the clock and are working well into the night as we arrive. The dig is being guarded by similar operatives that were hunting for Olivia, which might be former SAS goons. The leader of the dig appears to be a middle-aged Romanian woman. The actual excavation looks to be small in scale, with equipment better suited to major landscaping rather than a major scale exploratory mining or excavation.

The woman appears to be treating the excavation with almost religious reverence. It is clear that there they are digging for something unnatural, locked away when the monastery was abandoned centuries ago. Likely a long buried vampire.

Svetlana and Beryl use the cover of darkness to slip past the outer guards onto the site. During their infiltration, the diggers strike their quarry. The Romanian woman instructs the crew to bring out something from one of the pre-fab tents. Svetlana recognizes the equipment being wheeled out as a container used to keep blood cold in field hospitals. The officer in charge of the SAS detachment starts to argue with the woman, who wants to open the heavy stone coffin right away.

Kurt, watching from his perch on a hill overlooking the dig site, takes aim with his rifle and scope, exhales, and shoots the woman in the head.

*End Session*

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