Dracula Dossier – Session 3 – Edom’s London

This session starts digging into the Dossier in earnest. While there are likely some spoiler elements to this write-up you are likely safe from major spoilers for a Dracula Dossier game.


Days after our near-disastrous encounter with Edom (and possibly Dracula), the crew learns of a news report for the Murder-Suicide of Gary Malloy and Father Malcolm McMann. It is clear from photos that Gary Malloy was the man we knew as Harker, who brought us into this insane plot.

Based on the news report, we do some digging and learn some interesting facts about Malloy:

  • Malloy worked as an IT professional for an Environmental Group
    • [Reading between the lines, it’s clear that the Environmental Group was a cover for British Intelligence, in which Malloy was clearly an anayst]
  • Malloy was 29, placing his work record for GCHQ between 6 and 8 years.
  • Over the last month, Malloy’s spending patterns are erratic. It appears he had been financing his investigation into the Dossier all on his own.
  • Malloy had not been trained as a field agent, as his tradecraft was poor.
  • Malloy was survived by a mixed ethnicity girlfriend, Emma Rossini.

Svetlana and Beryl both have a line of investigation to follow up on. Beryl decides to go to Malloy’s apartment to see if there are any other traces of his investigation or information on his pursuers. Svetlana follows up with the morgue to try and see if there is any other physical evidence on Malloy at the time of his death.

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Malloy lived in a gentrified apartment complex in Soho.The apartment has no real security and infiltrating the apartment is very simple. A quick tossing of the joint finds a decent amount of information:

  • Notes pertaining to the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels in Belgium.
  • Postcards and pictures of a Malloy and a woman (assumed to be Emma) in Sibiu Romania.
    • Kurt, being relayed this information investigates the implications of these pictures and postcards. Sibiu had an older name, Hemeschtat. Hemeschtat is mentioned in the Dossier, in relation Scolomence, the Devil’s School – Fabled school of black magic run by the devil.
  • Malloy’s computer, which on cursory inspection has several recent search terms that look familiar to us from reading the Dossier.

However, after a few moments with the computer, Beryl realizes that she has tripped some type of monitoring software embedded in the computer, alerting those watching Malloy’s flat.

Beryl rushes out the window to the fire escape, flying off its frame, the door to the flat hits the wall as a combat-booted operative enters the apartment. She scales the side of the building making it to ground level. Just as she reaches the street, Mr. Combat-Boots leaps from the window, landing in a three-point superhero landing.

Attempting to rush to the opposite side of the street, Mr. Boots lunges forward, grasping Beryl’s arm, throwing her with superhuman strength towards the brick wall of Malloy’s apartment building; deeper into shadow and away from the faint rays of sunlight.

Recovering quickly, Beryl runs into one of the shops at the ground level of the apartments. Leaping over the counter and rushing through the back room, she emerges into an ally; Mr. Boots crashes through the shop, closing the distance to Beryl.

After turning a corner onto the opposite street from the ally, Beryl scales the side of the wall and proceeds to parkour along the second story ledges and patios. It takes Mr. Boots a while to notice that Beryl is not at street level.

At Beryl’s behest, some urban youth distract Mr. Boots long enough for her to scale up to the roof of a tenement building, allowing her escape.



Svetlana arrives at the MET, where their main morgue facilities are located, under the guise of Dr. Zubova. Svetlana is equipped with a pair of eyeglasses that have a camera feed broadcasting back to Kurt. An unhelpful desk clerk  tells Svetlana that Malloy’s body was suspiciously transported to another post-mortem facility outside of London. However, Father McMann’s body is still in cold storage on site.

Svetlana requests an observation room to examine McMann’s cadaver. Reviewing the autopsy reveals that the injuries and condition of the body have been extremely downplayed.

Upon examination, Svetlana notices a post-mortem injection, just as the corpse begins to move. The appendages jerk and spasm and the torso goes rigid and the body sits up on the table.

From the feed, Kurt sees this happen and recognizes some kind of Vampiric revenant… at least it’s not a newly arisen vampire.

Reacting quickly, Svetlana grabs the fire extinguisher off of the wall and sprays the dry chemical powder into the eyes of the risen priest, followed by a swift blow to the head. In response, the revenant grabs hold of Svetlana’s arm. Svetlana pivots and turns the grab into an armbar, slamming the monster into the steel viewing table. After a breath, it stops moving.

Svetlana straightens her attire, pulls the fire alarm, and calmly exits the MET building, pilfering the sign-in logs and transfer paperwork for Malloy, who was transported to Cross Angel Cold Storage earlier in the day.

From Svetlana and Beryl’s encounters and Kurt’s research, we have a couple of leads to work on. We could try and follow up with Malloy’s body at Cross Angel cold storage, but the ring agrees that is likely a dead-end, trap, or both.

The most promising lead is from the Sibiu references in Malloy’s apartment, which clearly had something to do with his investigation, as the trip was quite recent. However, in the Dossier linked to the passage that references Hermeschtat an annotation mentions a figure in contact with Doctor Van Helsing called Arminius of Budapest. Other references in the dossier indicate that Arminius is actually Armin Vambery, a Hungarian Turkologist living in Budapest at the time of Dracula’s writing. Other Van Sloan annotations indicate that the notes from Arminius were used by the British during their 1940’s operation while  Arminius’s grandson was still in Budapest at that time.

With the intent to track down Arminius research, notes, or descendants, the ring plans for a trip to Budapest.

[End Session]

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