Singularity Syndrome – Session 0 – Upload in Progress

One of my game groups – which meets every other week or so – is just starting up a Transhumanity’s Fate game, Posthuman Studios Fate adaptation of their Eclipse Phase role playing game.


Because the start of this game parallels nicely with my work on this blog, I am going to post my musings, house rules, conversion stats, and actual play recordings.

For those who would want to listen to the recording of this session, you can find it here. The recording quality is pretty good with the assistance of Audacity’s noise reduction, leveling, and normalization effects.


  • Bryan – playing the role of X-137 (Xiet), Exsurgent Virus experiment gone rogue.
  • Jes – playing the role of Kharma, an Ego that doesn’t know where it came from, but was likely a part of the great migration from Earth.
  • Joe – playing Shokushu-san, Uplifted Octopus Engineer. He is also angry and likes to fight.
  • Aaron – playing the yet unnamed Synthtaur freedom fighter.

Like most of my games, I like to have fillable character sheets, I took this Fate Core Google Sheet as my template and made this sheet for Transhumanity’s Fate. Enjoy!

Because Aaron wanted a Synthtaur Morph, here is my conversion of that using the morph rules from Transhumanity’s Fate:

Sample Aspect: Elegant Mechanical Centaur
Traits: Essential Synthmorph Traits, Manipulators (6), Mnemonic Augmentation, Size (Large), Stigma (Synth)
Stunts: Shape Adjusting, Strength
Durability: Good (+4)
Stress Boxes: 4
Refresh: 1
Cred/Civ Rep Cost: Fair (+3)

Jes was interested in being able to adapt to multiple situations with her morph, including mental situations. Skillware was the obvious answer from the setting, however, is not replicated in Transhumanity’s Fate. Here is my stunt adaptation of those rules from Eclipse Phase.

Skillware: [Morph Stunt, 1]
Your morph’s brain is laced with a network of artificial neurons that may be formatted with downloaded information. When you refresh, choose a profession. Until you refresh you gain a +2 to Skill rolls involving that profession or specialty. You may spend a fate point during a session to change your chosen profession, provided you have time and access to a new Skillware module to upload.