Actual Play – Ascension: Reloaded

I’ve been recording my game sessions off and on for the last decade. I hope to round up various game sessions organized by campaign here, as I am able to collate and review them for sound quality.

What follows are the recordings that survived from my Mage: The Ascension campaign.

A little background. I ran this game from the Summer of 2009 to Spring of 2010, going a total of 24 sessions. Not all the sessions got recorded, and a handful got lost or corrupted. The game it self used my heavily modified house rules, which blended Mage: The Ascension’s setting with Mage: The Awakening’s rules, with dashes of other Storyteller games for flavor. If you are interested in what that looked like, you can find an updated version here, Ascension: Reloaded [2016-10-16].

This campaign did a lot of things, and I believe that it was one of my most successful campaign’s I’ve run. I had quite a bit of fun running this game, and have fond memories as I went over this audio. I ran the a modified version of the “classic” adventure Loom of Fate, from Mage 1st Edition. Using the seeds and fallout from that adventure, I started doing my own stories, with inspiration from various supplements from both Classic World of Darkness and New World of Darkness (long before they re-branded to Chronicles of Darkness).

During the game, some players changed, some characters changed, but there is a core group that stayed.

  • Catcher – Played by Kyle – was a Virtual Adapt anarchist.
  • Ben “Helios” – Played by Jarys – a struggling Akashic brother who’s destiny is tied to an ancient “highlander”  cycle to determine the age’s Avatar of the Sun.
  • Eli – played by Dylan – An elderly hermetic mage, who works primarily as an archivist and researcher.
  • Mathew – played by Brandon – A rogue member of The Syndicate, one of the founders of a counter-Syndicate group known as The Auric Combine.
  • Dr. Goldman – played by Aaron – a Son of Ether whose scientific thesis revolved around sound waves and thermal harmonics (or something sudo-science sounding).
  • Z – played by Dylan (after switching characters) – A hot headed Hermetic mage with a very demonic themed paradigm.
  • Kiway (joining in later sessions after Brandon left the game) – played by Jesse – a blind Dream Speaker, a little addled in the head from one too many drug trips.
  • Dr. Aeon – played by anyone – this was a side character I developed to allow some irregular players to drop in and play in the game. Dr. Aeon was a Son Of Ether lost in time, his memory gaps were and alternating personalities explained away by changes to his personal time stream.

[WARNING: contains adult language and dubious recording quality]
You can find the audio recordings here in this Google Drive folder.